To some, the idea of fast food and organic food may seem incompatible and even impossible. However, there are no reasons why these concepts cannot overlap with the joy of consumers. Nic’s Organic Fast Food drive-through was the first 100% organic restaurant certified by QAI. The place takes pride in serving high-quality, naturally grown, and locally sourced foods to its customers. 

Nic’s Organic Fast Food was founded by Nicolette and Benjamin Brittsan who bravely choose to go organic. The general consensus is that organic foods are safer, healthier, contain no harmful chemical pesticides or herbicides, and more friendly toward the environment.

Fast food, on the other hand, is renowned for having many adverse effects on human health. Additionally, fast food traditionally prioritized quickness over safety and quality. Yeat, Nic’ Organic Fast Food made a serious change in the fast food industry. 

Nic’s: where fast food marries organic 

The restaurant renounces conventional food and the way it is grown or raised. Instead, they only procure naturally grown produce, meat, and other ingredients. Nic’s obtained a QAI license as an organic fast food restaurant with commercial kitchen supplies. The certificate is a testament to the commitment on behalf of the restaurant to organic on-the-go options. 

The Menu

Customers coming to Nic’s Organic Fast Food can expect to find the usual assortment of fast food offers. Of course, all menu options are exclusively organic. The meats in burgers are promised to be sources from farms where animals were raised in a humane environment. The fries are cooked using the finest organic potatoes from local farms.

The fast-food joining takes pride in their organic ice creams and sodas. According to the owners, one of the best offers on the menu is Organic Mocha Milkshake made from organic cream, chocolate syrup, organic coffee, and topped with organic whipped cream. Other menu hits include Organic NicSausage, Organic Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and Organic BigNic Bacon Burger.